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Currently in Japan, including large cities

The infrastructure of sewage facilities is in place.
However, in developing countries such as Southeast Asia and Africa

At present, there are still many countries with poor sanitary conditions.

Therefore, I would like to introduce a good bio-toilet.

About bio toilet

Make a simple toilet a bio-toilet that does not require water or smell! Also used for disasters and event venues As a large parking lot in a large suburban shopping center and a toilet in the event of a disaster

Demand is expected!

Product history

Currently, various companies are producing bio-toilet and its chips.

With the excellent biochip developed by the former Eco World, 85-95% or more of organic matter (emissions) is surely eliminated compared to other companies'products, and like other companies' products, once every three months, regular cleaning It is an epoch-making product that does not require tip replacement or cleaning. Maintenance surface of the prospect of six months only continue to regularly add the chip is also very excellent products. Is related to such agreement between the "evidence" corporation on the trademark registration is currently under process.

● The 2nd Manufacturing Japan Grand Prize Excellence Award
(Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award)
● Forestry Agency Commissioner's Award
(Japan Wood Information Center)
● 33rd Excellent Environmental Equipment Award
(Japan Industrial Machinery Manufacturers Association Chairman's Award)
● Minister of the Environment Award
(Environmental Award / Excellence Award sponsored by Hitachi Environmental Foundation)
Ordinary sawdust in the toilet
Excrement decomposes into deodorized water and CO2 !!

Unlike previous products, our bio-toilet does not use special sawdust or special bacteria. Only ordinary sawdust is used. The excrement and toilet paper dropped on the bio-toilet are decomposed in sawdust. It can be installed anywhere, and the toilet room is an environment-friendly toilet that is odorless. Article 31 of the Building Standards Law regarding the installation of toilets clearly states that "toilet bowls other than flush toilets should not be used", but "review of the toilet system in the sewerage treatment area" states that "the provisions do not apply". A notice has been issued from the Building Guidance Division, Housing Bureau, Ministry of Transport. (Kokuju No. 1551) From this, bio-toilet can solve the problem of toilet installation at once, both indoors and outdoors.

Bio-toilet is included in sawdust (chip)
Completely decompose excrement with the power of microorganisms! Moreover, it is odorless and hygienic!
The bio-toilet is a stationary installation type
No need for water
In a short period of time
Can be installed
Can be installed simply by connecting electricity
For long-term care
In the event of a disaster
Sawdust exchange is about once every 3 months
Also germs
No need to remove
No power supply type
(Hand rotation / foot rotation)

The toilet is okay even in places where there is no 100V power supply!

Road control vehicles, disaster countermeasure vehicles, large buses,

Adopted one after another on trains and ships !

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